Tenant Improvement

More tenants are turning to our renovation services here at Construction and Building Services, Inc. because of our sterling reputation for high-quality work, fantastic customer service, and competitive prices. With over 15 years of experience in construction, our team of exceptionally skilled professionals specializes in the renovation and remodeling of multi-unit commercial and office buildings.

Your workspace represents a significant investment of time and money. Protect that investment with superior renovation and remodeling services. CaBSCorp stands head and shoulders above other tenant improvement companies because of our dedication to customer satisfaction. Nowhere else will you find such a fine group of specialists committed to not just meeting but exceeding customers’ expectations.

Remodeling of multi-unit commercial and office buildings into medical offices, optometry, dental, and/or psychiatric doctors’ offices, administrative offices, or retail stores.

Call us today and ask about TENANT IMPROVEMENT!

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